Error on trying to open webpage in Firefox Portable

Hi, I’m trying to launch a the Google Form page in FF portable, so i can access XPath info, but getting a failed to launch error … screenshots below:


Hi tombulgin,

Try to restart all the components from Worfkusion tray/panel.

Also, set wait time more than 45000ms, try if that helps


@kmkumar1 I have fully powered down the laptop, closing down all WF applications.

I have also unistalled all existing versions of Firefox and now only have the FF Portable version (from RPA express Applications folder).

I am informed that Firefox is “critically out of date and needs to be updated” … but I am nervous about changing anything that came with the RPA Express installation. The FF Portable also appears to comes with a Firefox Webdriver add-on pre-installed…but which is being prevented from running due to security issues (again, see image).

Could either of these issues (updates and Webdriver) be the problem? @ashapkina ?

Tom, the reason for this issue is probably the network firewall settings.

We have just released version 1.3.0 (you can download it using the link in the email that you received when registered for RPA Express). Starting from this version, we are no longer using portable browsers, but default Chrome and Firefox instead. Such issues shouldn’t arise with default browsers.
I will soon make an announcement about it on the forum.

@ashapkina Unfortunately my consulting work at has come to an end, and I no longer have access to that email address which was the one I registered with.

Or can I access the upgrade via Help/Check for Updates in RPA recorder?
Thanks, Tb

Tom, please use the first email to register for RPA Express.
You will be sent a new download link.

@ashapkina I assume all my previous work, saved scripts and certificates will transfer across to the new account? I would hate to lose them.

Yes, all your recordings will be saved and located in C:\Users\user\workfusion-workspace\rpae_project folder.

As for the certification, @abulka and @cputeiko, could you please advise Tom if changing the email might cause any problems?

Hi @tombulgin,
To what email you would like to switch your account?

Hi @abulka,

I have a new account on email:
My username for the Forum under that address is tombulgin71.

I have 2 certificates that I have earned under I would like them to be attached to the email account please. Plus I am very close to completing my 3rd certificate on I would need this progress (about 96% completed) to also be attached to

Sorry - I had not logged onto the Forum on this account for a few days and have only just seen your request.


Hi Tom,
I have attached your certificates to :slightly_smiling_face: