Error opening openURL action

I frequently get the above error when using the open web page command although it does both steps (launch browser and then opens webpage) successfully. If I put a timeout on the open command it is successful. This doesn’t seem to be good practice adding extra time on a step that successfully works. I would expect to see an error on the next line of execution.

Hi @brian_joseph if you get this error, most likely not all elements on the page loaded fully during the timeout you specified. There may be some images or videos that didn’t load completely.

Setting a bigger “Wait up to” timeout will not add a lot of extra execution time to the script as it is just the top limit of the wait period, as soon as the page is loaded the bot will move to the next action.

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Hi ashapkina, I have a nested loop of statements that each opens a web page based on a condition. The first time one condition is met it opens the web page and closes succesfully. But when it runs again and another condition is met it crashes with this error. Please assist

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