Error running bot: Unable to connect with robot

Hello! The moment I go to run the program I get this error, what could it be?Captura

Hi @soporte1a, could you press Details>> on the message box, copy the whole text of the error log, insert into a .txt file and post here? We’ll have a look.

Error.txt (7.4 KB)

@soporte1a are you sure Bot manager is started in the tray menu? could you please share a screenshot?


I have not started it, is that why?Captura

Yes, please start it.
Actually, it should start automatically when you launch RPA Express.

Also, could you advise if this topic is still relevant for you: Play recording error ?

No, I could solve it, it was a load problem

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Thank you.
Did starting the Bot manager help with the playback?

Hi @soporte1a, was this issue solved by starting Bot manager?