Error running recording from control tower

I have an issue when I am running the process in control tower scheduler but it is working fine when I run from RPA recorder. Also, the scheduler was working good but now don’t start the process.
Copia de events_root_6ffd6ced-c52a-4395-a5b0-953234d8c902_2019-11-15.xlsx (15.1 KB)

According to the error, Control Tower cannot find a node (bot) to run the process on.

Do you have this issue only with this particular business process or with all business processes?
Can you run other BPs from Control Tower?

Also, did you install more than 1 bot?

Hi @maria1025 do you still have this issue with Control Tower?

Sorry, i solved it, i have to reset the server and control tower. This problem was with all the processes and i have one bot,

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Thanks for the update!
Glad the issue got solved.