Error running task in Control Tower

I am running simple script to modify excel, its running fine in recorder, but when i am trying to run this in Control tower process executes but i cannot see excel opening or any changes made in excel.
I want to schedule this script, please help what i am missing.
This is just a sample script i am trying original will interact between excel,mailbox and webpage.

Does this error occur when you create a schedule?

Thanks a lot for the response.
No error comes in Control tower it shows successfully completed, but script do not run and make no changes in excel.
When i am doing via recorder i can see Excel opening and editing but nothing is visible when running via Control Tower.
Might be i a new to this and not deploying it correctly in Control Tower, i am simply deploying this via RPA recorder.

You need not to switch to the Excel Window, you need to use the Launch Application action or the Excel actions:


Thanks a lot for your response.

RPA is running fine in recorder but its always In Progress mode in Control Tower and i do not see anything happening on my widows machine