Error: stack frame can be removed only by owner

This error message occur when running my program but not too sure what does it mean.
Sorry that I didn’t managed to capture the log as it was done by my colleague.


Hi @linny could you colleague send details of the error and logs from C:\RPAExpress\RPA\logs?

Thank you.

Hi @linny could you please send the logs to investigate this issue?
Thank you

It happens to me as well. Usually if the process has failed at a specific step and then I click start from current step.

@FunkyBunhcesOfOats does it fail on the same steps or on different steps every time?

the same step. I’ve experienced on:
mouse drag and can’t find the end position
or wait for image.

Thank you. We’ll try to reproduce this issue with these steps. If you have this error again, could you you share the logs from C:\RPAExpress\RPA\logs? it will help to investigate.

You have the logs from my other post. This error should be in there too.

Right. Thanks a lot

@FunkyBunhcesOfOats could you also share a recording in which you had this issue?

The .rpae?

Yes, the whole folder with the .rpae recording. We couldn’t get this error during tests, so it would help a lot to see the recording, maybe we missed something. (21.6 KB)
Attached. The robot has to fail and be restarted or paused and started at a specific step in the middle of the drag operation for me to see the error.