Error: Stack frame can be removed only by owner

I am getting this particular exception when i am trying to Iterate parameters from an excel sheet using
“For each” loops in to a web application.

hi @sharmajab

Could you share your script or at least screenshot and clarify on what step exactly are you facing this issue?

Also please clarify your RPA Express/Intelligent Automation Cloud version.
You can check RPA Express version via Control Panel - Programs - Programs and Features , see the example below. (1.4 KB)

have attached the use case (.rpaefile)currency_rates.xlsx (6.5 KB)

please find the attached use case and version that i am using the latest one . Its

@sharmajab Thanks for sharing.
And on what step of the script do you face this issue?

I’ve changed your script a little. It works fine now. Please, take a look if that’s what you (2.4 KB)


Thank you so much