Error 'Unable to read file' when playing a recording


This morning, when I try to run my script… but I get a “Unable to read file”…
I try to run other script with ussie…
If I close the window and re-open it, but clicking on the .RPAE file, it open…
every thing like working, but when I click on the run… I getbthe message

I do not to know what to do ?

@stephane_wagner This error usually appears if the path to a file in some action is missing, or you haven’t chosen a variable that has to be used in the action.
You can see the reason in the error log as shown below.


Thanks, I find the problem,It was in a condition command, where the condition wasn’t completed…




I am getting the error
“Cannot load recording file ***.rpae”
Unable to read file”.

Can anyone please help me to fix this? What can be reason for this? I was in final testing of my script.

Ramthin T

Hi @ramthin_thilak, see the solution above.