Error when executing Web Element action

@ashapkina actually I have perform this video suggested by you but i got error in the following step

and that error is :-

@ddivya please export the events log to excel and post here

events_step_86b48850-1689-4dad-9884-a99e4f8b03c4_2018-10-03 09_17_06.xlsx (14.8 KB)

@ddivya according to the log, there is no element with Xpath //*[@id=“cmp-root”]/div[4]/div/div[1]/div/div[1]/div/div[1]/span[1] on the page. Could you share the url on which the bot has to find this element?

sorry by mistake i have send u d wrong one this is the correct

I cannot find such Xpath on the webpage. What data do you need to get from the page?

just go through .

There are several values the bot saves in this process.
Which value do you need to save using Xpath //*[@id=“cmp-root”]/div[4]/div/div[1]/div/div[1]/div/div[1]/span[1]?

Raitings of worklife balance and management . i have mention both bcoz both of them have same path

@ddivya Xpaths copied directly from Chrome will not work in this case. You will need to create relative Xpaths to save this info.

Try using xpath //div{4}[@class=‘cmp-ReviewCategory-category’]/span[1] for Management rating and Xpath //div[1][@class=‘cmp-ReviewCategory-category’]/span[1] for worklife balance.

thnx @ashapkina i will try