Error while performing OCR action with version 2.2.1 Lumen

I am getting OCR action error when trying to run the program. All action above and below it is running without any error. Screenshot and error log is attached.

OCR_Error.txt (6.1 KB)

According to the error message above, the error happens on the mouse click action. Can you share the error details?

I was able to rectify ‘mouse click’ error. Although OCR error is still occurring. Please refer error log text file and screenshot for the same.

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Hello @pragateekanjilal.
Which version of RPA Express do you use? You can check it in Control Panel - Programs and Features.

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@pragateekanjilal if you use 2.2.1, you need to update to 2.3 to be able to use OCR as the OCR license for 2.2.1 has expired.

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