Exact image (100% image)



I am looking for an exact image match in my use case. I am reading a pdf file which has 6 pages and I want to select only a part of text from each page. I am using the up and down arrows (on the home task bar) to navigate through pages using a while loop. I am using the ‘wait for image’ action which has the image of the arrows and how the arrow would be positioned when it reaches towards the end of the document, however, when the bot reaches the last page, it does not come out of the loop because it fails to read the image correctly. I am guessing the bot is not able to identify the change of color for arrows (e.g. if it’s the last page the down arrow is light gray in color and otherwise dark gray).

Can someone guide me if there’s a way to capture 100% copy of an image.

Thanks in advance.



@Priyanka_agrawal - thanks for sharing your use case.

You can set the image similarity threshold in Recorder Preferences - https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Preferences

Matching threshold option.