Examining the Content of Variables



Is there a way of examining variables while running a script? The only way I can see is to add a task snippet that opens Notepad and writes the contents of the variables to it. As there appears to be no way of cutting and pasting task sequences between scripts (please tell me if this can be done!), one is faced with creating the sequence every time one needs to examine variables - very inelegant!


My understanding is that the log shows you the variable at the end of the script … so you don’t have intermediate values in case it changes or increments …
Would be nice in fact to have a proper way to inspect variables during execution : I vate for it !



Now you can view only final values in the execution result log file

We are planning to add the run-time variable view in our next releases. Please vote for this feature.


I have been using clipboard and batch file (*.bat) to debug the variable.

IF ()==(%1) SET FN=D:\CLIP.TXT
:: Open a blank new file
REM New file>%FN%
ECHO.set sh=WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)>_TEMP.VBS
ECHO.sh.Run(“Notepad.exe %FN%”)>>_TEMP.VBS
cscript//nologo _TEMP.VBS
ECHO. The clipboard contents are:
:: Clean up

And I add clipboard action in my sequence checkpoints when I need to check a certain variable’s value, then run the RPA sequence up to the checkpoint and run above bat file, the clipboard content (which is actually the variable’s value) is updated in CLIP.txt file.