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Based on the popular feedback that youโ€™d like to have more ready script samples in WorkFusion Studio, we have started building Examples Library - a set of ready-to-use RPA scripts that you can download and use with minimum customization.

We hope they will also provide guidance for you when you create your own scripts.

Ready examples

Currently, there are 6 main examples:

  • Translation - gets a list of words or phrases from Excel, translates them using Google Translate and saves the translated words/phrases back to Excel.
  • Craiglist bot - conducts a search on Craigslist and saves the top results to a spreadsheet.
  • Table scraping - scrapes data from a web table and saves it in a spreadsheet.
  • Web page scraping - collects information about Press Releases issued during the last week from US Securities and Exchange Commission website and saves it to several recipients via Outlook.
  • Report generation - generates a .csv report from several .json log files and sends the report to several recipients via Outlook.
  • Reconciliation - converts .pdf files to .txt, extract required information from these files and saves it in a spreadsheet.

On each page, you will find the link to download the example, short instructions on required customization and the link to the detailed description with screenshots.

You can also download several other examples from the Examples Library page.

Reusable Components

Each example also contains reusable components implementing a particular small task, such as sending an email in Outlook, web table scraping, etc.

You can use them as building blocks in many of your workflows.


You can download reusable components from a separate page that contains descriptions of each component, as well as a short instruction on how to use them.

See how to copy the components and use them in your scripts in this short guide.


Please share your feedback on these samples to help us make them better.
Also, feel free to suggest ideas for future samples that youโ€™d like to have implemented in WorkFusion Studio.

Thank you!
WorkFusion Team


A new SAP example is now available in the Examples library https://doc.workfusion.com/business/docs/iac-business/core/create-and-post-incoming-invoice-in-sap/

If youโ€™d like to have examples of other SAP processes, let us know in this topic!


One more SAP sample is available in the Examples Library.
Read the details in this topic

Hi, I am not able to access or download this example, it says โ€œNot Permittedโ€, is there any way to download it? Thank you!

@dirtygreenppt the documentation is now located here https://doc.workfusion.com/business/docs/iac-business/core/examples-library/
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