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Hi Everyone :grinning:

Do you have automation scripts that you would like to share with the community?

Feel free to post them it in this topic!


Zip the folder with your recording and post here with a short description of what the script does.


  • make sure you don’t post any sensitive information
  • store login/passwords in Secrets Vault
  • if other users have to change some action to make the script work - add comments to the action
  • attach sample files (Excel, txt, etc) that the script uses and add comments where to use them

It doesn’t matter if it is a small custom action or a large script automating several applications.
If you feel it can be helpful to other users - feel free to share!

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Here is my simple script: outlook-new-email.zip (12.2 KB)

This recording shows how to send bulk emails taken from a spreadsheet.

See the emails.xlsx in the recording folder.


  • Your Outlook should be launched.
  • The recording may not work on non-English interfaces.



Don’t forget to change the path to the file in ${path_to_excel} variable.

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Here is a KB page around a Craigslist Bot demo that the SC team uses: https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Craigslist+Bot

Craigslist Bot RPAe File: craigslist-bot.zip (10.6 KB)
Craigslist Bot Execution Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rhqn2eoi6n3drpo/Craigslist%20Bot.mp4?dl=0

Negative News Search Bot RPAe File: negative-news-search-bot_updated.zip (15.8 KB) (updated sample due to changes in google.com)

Negative News Search Bot Execution Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5aweadxyheblgas/Negative%20News%20Search%20Bot.mp4?dl=0


Hello everyone. Please see my script delete_row_Excel.zip (7.2 KB)

It shows how to delete row in Excel and shift all other rows up 1 row above.
See sample Excel file in the archive - Book1.xlsx. Pay attention that you need to change path to this file in variable ${file_path}.


Here is a sample script with a custom action:

  • the bot reads a table from an excel file
  • it checks if there are empty cells in one of the columns
  • if the cell is empty - the custom action puts a value (current date) in the cell
  • the bot saves the table back in the excel file.

It helps you to put/change the values right in the Table variable using only 1 action.

write-to-table.zip (1.1 KB)

Note: you need to provide the path to the Excel file in the variable.


Here is my script which shows how to write time to Excel cell: write_time_to_excel.zip (6.3 KB)
Sample Excel file in the archive. Before running script you need to change path to this file in the variable ${file_path}.


This is my script to convert doc/docx to XML document through Microsoft Word.
Change the path to folder.
Unfortunately I can’t attach the files as they are confidential but it does the work. I have added some wait for image actions in case of popups when Word opens.
Hopefully it proves useful to someone.
Fileconversion.zip (1.4 KB)


@yeahalti thanks a lot for sharing.
But there are no images in the folder, so I couldn’t see what’s in your image-based actions.
Can you share the folder with images?

Some xpaths have changed in Google. Use this new sample for Google search automation.
negative-news-search-bot_updated.zip (15.8 KB)


Hi, I’m using RPAExpress 2.2. write-to-table.rpae fails to launch with the error “Failed to create the part’s controls”.
I’ve a requirement to fetch data from excel and populate desktop application. What is the best way of reading the data from excel in iteration row by row and save each cell value in a variable. Later variable can be used to populate the desktop application.

Hi @bhanubachu how did you open the file? Make sure you moved it correctly to your workspace as described here: https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Bot+Library

Looks like the best way for your use case is to read the data from the file into a Table variable and then use For Each loop to populate the application.
The first sample here is very similar to what you need - it reads an excel file and populates emails in Outlook.

Thanks @ashapkina for your quick response.
How can use the {row[1]}, {row[2]} etc which were read from excel from one rpae file as in the sample you shared (outlook-new-email.zip) in another rpae file? my need is I’ve read row by row from excel and use the data to populate multiple tabs of an application. Since there are several fields, I’m creating one rpae file for each of the application tabs and thinking of integrating from control tower.
In a nutshell, I want to use a row item feteched from excel from an rpae file in a different rpae file.

You can’t use variables from one recording in another recording.

In order to do it, you need to publish the recordings to Control tower and combine them in a business process as described in this guide


Hope it helps!

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Several ready examples and smaller reusable components in the Knowledge Base.
You can download them and use in your recordings.

Read more in this topic