Excel actions don't work

All Excel Action don’t work, despite not showing any errors.

Hi @o_islam_elba1a, could you share your recording and a sample data file you use?
Thank you.

testexcel.7z (665 Bytes)

I just open Excel and set cell (B1) Active and set its value from variable is which equals “ka”

You need to check the box Save file after last action if you want to save the changes in the file.

I tried that and It doesn’t open the window of Excel File Despite it set the value correctly

That’s right, all Excel actions are executed in the background, without opening the files.

but what if i need to maximize the window?

If you need RPA Express to actually open the Excel file and perform some actions there, you can do it using clicks on Window controls (object recording).
But if you open the file this way, you cannot use Excel actions in it. Excel actions can only be used under Open spreadsheet and are always executed in the background.

Okay, but sometimes we want to use Excel action while window is maximized to do another actions?
so, shall you try to enhance this feature in the next release ?

No, we are not planning to change it. Excel actions were specifically developed to run in the background as it is the most efficient way.

As a workaround, you can use Open spreadsheet and perform the Excel actions you need, and then open the same file using other actions (launch application, win+r, mouse clicks etc.) and perform the actions, for which the file has to be maximized.