Excel Command Issue



Open Excel and Other Commands are executed but cannot see any results.

  • When Open Spread Sheet Command execute, Excel Sheet is not visible . Other Command also tick as success But expected results are not happen .
    Please need a help .


Excel Actions are executed on background. The application is not visible.
Double check, if you have selected the Save file after last action option as described in the User Guide https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Excel


Is it right that no keyboard actions can be included within am Excel action group? For example:
Open spreadsheet
Keyboard action ctrl-f (to search for a value within that spreadsheet)
Keyboard action ctrl-c

Would be very helpful but I didn’t find the way to do it within the excel group.


Running only in the background makes development pretty tricky. Are there any plans to create a functionality that will allow developers to view Excel during development?