Excel delete row option in Actions library

Hi there

I was wondering if there was any consideration been given to adding “delete row” under excel spreadsheet actions?

@jason_battsdWy Thanks a lot for the suggestion, Jason.
We are adding object recording to RPA Express 2.0 release (May 17), and it will be possible to automate Excel using it, including deleting rows.

Let’s see how it goes. Perhaps, additional Excel actions won’t even be required. :wink:

But if we see that users want to expand Excel features, deleting a row will definitely be one of the most useful ones, I think.

You and other users can vote for this feature in this topic.


Hi Alesia

Thanks for the reply, with object recording would I need to have the Excel sheet open for the bot to work?

Currently with the bot I’m working on the only reason to open the excel sheet is to delete a row. If I don’t need to open the spreadsheet it would make that bot a bit more efficient.

Thanks again.

@jason_battsdWy Yes, you will need to have the spreadsheet open.
We have a wish list of Excel improvements. I’ll make sure we have your suggestion there. We will implement them depending on user feedback.

Here is a sample script that deletes a row without opening the Excel file on the screen

Hi Ashapkina,

Yes you can delete a row like you should in the sample code, but that is a lot of operations instead of one. When do you expect to have this feature working?

BR Michael

Hi Michael,

We are planning it, but not in the nearest future. There is ETA yet.

New Excel features that will be included in the next release are:

  • working with formulas
  • support for Number variables

Delete Row feature had a lower priority as it has a workaround.

Hi Ashapkina,

Thank you for a quick answer.

How about allowing Keyboard values ?

A lot of these features exist as Excel shot cut keys but we cannot access them because you block for Keyboard values when using the fast Excel features within RPA Express.

Best regards,
Michael Callisen

Keyboard shortcuts do not work with built-in Excel actions as files are opened in the background, and there is no UI for the keys to interact with.
You can use keyboard shortcuts in you open the Excel file on the screen using Launch application or Win+R.

Hi ashapkina,

We often end up doing that but it’s very slow compared to the build-in Excel actions.

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Hi… Every one
Is there any way to delete all data from a excel sheet (like : (ctrl+a and press the delete key)).
Thank you…