Excel Error Couldn't Find File

Hello! I am building a process that locates 5 files from my downloads, opens each, converts them to XLSX then continues doing work in the background.

The files in the downloads folder are named as follows:
CS (1).csv
CS (2).csv
CS (3).csv
CS (4).csv

When the first file is opened, the an error message pops up that says it cannot find the file (1).csv. Which confuses me because its looking for CS (1).csv. It is also weird to me that this message pops up during the first files process. When I look at the execution log it finds all the files. Wondering if anyone has seen this and what to do.

Hello @eshea8

Could you please clarify how do you open these files? I mean what actions do you use?
Also maybe you can share screenshot of your actions flow and your .rpae file?


I sent the file etc. in a message! thank you so much for your help!

Hi @eshea8 if you open the file using Launch Application action, it can happen because of the space in the file name. Excel has issues with that.

To avoid it, open the file through Win+R.