Excel fields source coming with formatting

Hello! When I’m using am Excel source data, the numeric fields are coming into the robot with “,0” at the end. But, in Excel, there’s no formatting.

For example. This is the sheet:


This is the way I’m loading.

The Code 10, when I’m using Keystroke to simulate someone typing this number into other system, the robot puts 10,0 (coma and zero).

Is there any way to solve it, without putting " '10 " in the cell in the source?

I did not get your query clearly @trajano_leme, but this is my understanding.

You are opening an excel sheet, and selecting a cell, and then using key stroke, you are placing value 10.

I tried the above, and I am not able to place the keystroke action under open spreadsheet.

Below are the steps I used


Hi Trajano,
you can use the Substring Between action to extract the text before “,” .