Excel File write using Excel Action library



I need to use Excel Action library for tracking purpose.
I implement a process for read Outlook attachment files.
I need to handle and maintain excel file with following format .

  • I copied File name when execution time.
  • Date and time will be get when click on save button.
  • Status is a hard code value if flow is complete it need to fill as a “Success”.
    - If there are 50 files per day, How to maintain and write excel file?


Thanks Lasitha


It is not clear where is the problem from your description.

We also need your recording and error log


Sorry for that,

  • In my Process, I open outlook and read emails one by one, Is there any PDF attachment, I open it and extract the file name and save it into specific file location.this is a loop.
  • That part is already done, But my client need a Execution summary for a audit purposes, Please check image below,There are 3 headers (File Name, Date & Time , Status) .
  • So , If PDF attachment found, I need to Track it on my excel under the “File Name” header.
  • Write current date and time under the “Date & Time” and if execution flow complete. Status will be “Success”.
  • I need to track each and every PDF when email read.


ok, so where have you got stuck?


@azinchuk ,
How to maintain excel file that I have mention early. That is the place now I get stuck,


your actions seem to be right: open spreadsheet, Set Cell Value (Cell below). Then you can set other 2 values using:

You can add an additional check at the beginning of the whole script - to set the currently active cell to A1 or to the last non-empty cell in the first row.


Date variable cannot be visible @azinchuk


This is because we are supporting only strings in Excel right now.

To convert a date variable to string, put it to the clipboard and then read it from the clipboard to a string variable.

We are planning to introduce type conversion in next releases to make it simpler.


@azinchuk it’s perfect workaround . and I faced a another problem . excel is write with wrong format.

any idea to arrange order. it will be my final question :slight_smile:

i want this format,


Have you tried the action Set Active Cell (start of the column) ?


Sorted !!! I used Set Active Cell (start of the raw)

Thanks a Lot @azinchuk <3