Excel force close, required RAM and hard disk space

Hi All,

I have specification for my PC :
Ram 8 GB
Hard disk space 40 GB

When the robot processes Excel macros with quite a lot of data, Excel is always forced to close. Is this because my RAM or hard disk space is lacking for robot processing?

If that’s true, how much is normal RAM and hard disk space to process enough data?

Thank you.

Hi @abdu_rachman.

Please see RPA Express requirements here.
As about Excel forced closing, did you receive any exception during execution of your bot?

Hi @Lera,

Thank you for requirements link.

Sorry, what do you mean by that exception?

I mean any error message. Do you receive any errors before Excel closing during your script execution?

Hi @abdu_rachman.
Is this still actual?

I’ve tried it several times and I have upgrade RAM from 8 GB to 16 GB.
but Excel is still forced to close, And I didn’t find the error report error from the bot or excel.
for information I attach screenshoot detail spec PC

and for office 365 2016.


Thanks. Can you please share your recording and advise on which step Excel is forced close?

Hello @abdu_rachman.
Please advise whether this is still actual.