Excel formulas values not working with get cell function

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Why does the results of the excel formulas not populate variables in workfusion when you use the get cell value function?

for example, my formule is a If statment and give me a value for example 19-10-2017. When I test the get cell function the variable stays blank and does not show the 19-10-2017

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Could you please send us Excel file and recording?

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I had the same issue. Here is my workaround:
Use a macro enabled workbook (xlsm).
Use the workbook_open event to make value copies of the cells with formulas and save the workbook with an .xlsx extension.
Open the .xlsm from your recorder script, before you extract the values from the .xlsx to get the updated values.

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It seems like “Get Cell Value” from Excel does not work on cells containing formulas. Whenever a cell contains a formula, for instance “=A1+B1”, the value that it gets is “Blank”.

Is that correct? And will there be any solutions for this in the future?

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same issue…only way i can overcome it is by using to launch excel and copy the value to a clipboard variable to use later on


I either use the clipboard variable or paste-special values

The Excel’s “Set cell value” does not support formulas. It would be great to have it there!



Any idea when this will be a feature?


I think what we need is “Set cell value” being able to handle strings with many " inside.

Nowadays, the function expects a string between a couple of ", but having that character in the string makes the function fail because it is expecting a closing ) after the 4th ".



I am not able to getcellvalue from excel from a cell and paste it in another if the cell value is got from a formula.

Is there any workaround for this?


@gerhardus_meyer @gabrielIVgfJVT @abhaya_jeyar
We are planning to work on Excel actions improvements, including the issue with the formulas, later this year, approximately in Q2 2018, but we cannot provide a more exact time-frame yet.

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As a workaround I opened Spread sheet without Excel actions instead using Keystrokes and copied a range of cells and pasted in other excel sheet from clipboard using Keystrokes.Try if that works for you.


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Hi Alesia

Is the issue with formulas in excel on the roadmap yet? Can you let us know if this will be fixed in a future release (and approx when)?


H Owen,
Yes, we have this feature in the roadmap, planning to implement it by the end of Q2.

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Also, sorry for delay on the Control tower guide. It almost ready. Will finalize a sample business process within a couple of days and publish.

Thank you.

In that case “ugly” workaround can stay!!

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Thank you for your continued support.

Was this Excel formula issue fixed already?
Please let me know, if you know the release information for this issue.

Hi @daisuke_yoshid, this feature hasn’t been added to the Excel actions yet, but you can do it through opening Excel and using object recording.

Starting from version 2.2, Excel actions work correctly with cells that contain formulas.

Hello @ashapkina, when I set cell value with a formula, it write the formula in that cell but leave it as text, do not apply the formula, then If I set cell and get cell, the value that it get is the formula itself and not the result.