Excel formulas values not working with get cell function

@joelalaball you cannot set a formula in Excel. If you want to insert a formula, you need to open the Excel file on the screen and insert the formula using Enter Keystrokes action.

Hello Ashapkina,
ok, then I can do that setting the cell value then, I need to open the excel.

What I done is set cell value B1 =COUNTIF(D:D;""&20&"") and then get this cell value, but the value that it get is the formula

@ashapkina, no option then when the excel functions? I have to open the excel and that’s it correct?

@joelalaball when you open the file manually, what value do you see in the cell, the formula or the calculated value?

Hello Ashapkina, I see the formula. I create the script opening the excel, then leave it as close.