Excel functionalities - does not work

Hi, I’ve added in RPA Recorder Excel 2 actions. Open spreadsheet and get value from cell and save this value into variable. After playing those actions no excel is opened and no value is saved into variable.
Do you have similar issues?

Hi! Cell value is copied, you can check it if you copy value from this variable into clipboard and then paste it somewhere (in notepad, for example). Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to see this variable value straight from RPA Recorder
(Note that Excel is opened in background, it is mentioned in User Guide)

Thanks! I’ve checked and value is copied , as you said:) I thought I could see how value is changed in record variables, but there is no such functionality.
Anyways, thanks for help!

  1. Excel is launched on the background without visible window.
  2. In the current release RPA Recorder can not display value change and keep it upon completion (although, this function is available in WorkFusion BP).

You are welcome!

But there’s still a problem with Excel: Get column and Get row. When I enter number as a column/row index, I always get an error. It seems to be working only with Get first-last-next-etc. row/column option

Hi, @Alesya_Dergacheva_EY, @iwronska it does work

  1. specify columns with alphabetical index (A-Z) (Get Column, By index, B)
  2. specify rows with numerals (1-X) (Get Rown, By index, 1)

Also, if you are trying to place it to list variable - define its size in advance, by adding elements


I am currently using RPA version - 1.1.0-beta. Still there are multiple excel functionalities that are not working, as -

  1. Get row (For positions - Last, Next, etc., For index > 1)
  2. Get col (For position - Last)
  3. Dynamic positions for Get/Set cell values
  4. Copy excel data to table data type.

When can I expect new version of RPA having these issues resolved ?

Hi, @RSingh_EXL_Service2, is your document opened in excel during execution?
If so, please, try to close it and run script one more time

Hi mzhalniarkevich,

Excel document was closed when I executed the script but it is showing error.

@RSingh_EXL_Service2 - please post here your script example, excel file, error text and Recorder logs.

You can also download the new 1.1.1 version

azinchuk - please find attached script, error text, logs & excel file.
rpa.node-out.log (29.7 KB)

Demo.zip (7.4 KB)

  • I am already using version 1.1.1

Hi, @RSingh_EXL_Service2, can you please, send a folder with this script, or just attach screens from all this actions

And also try to:

  1. Check that excel file is not blocked (when you open it, it might ask to enable editing)
  2. make your list variable the same size as excel column you need
  3. Please, clarify what system are you using (RAM, CPU, OS + bit version)

Hi mzhalniarkevich,

Please find attached script.recording-1496226819079.zip (1.5 KB)

Thank you, @RSingh_EXL_Service2, try to remove spaces from excel filename

Hi, @mzhalniarkevich - Still getting error after removing spaces from excel filename.

did you check this? it should work

  1. Check that excel file is not blocked (when you open it, it might ask to enable editing)


Excel file is not blocked, it doesn’t ask to enable editing.


Are there any differences in files you use?
The one in Demo.zip has completely different name with the one used in attached script


Both files are same, only name is changed.

Hi @mzhalniarkevich,

The errors that I mentioned previously, are they bugs in RPA express or is there any other issue ?