Excel functionalities - does not work

Hi @mzhalniarkevich,

Currently in RPA version 1.1.1, a few excel functionalities are missing as,

  • Iterating Excel sheet to read data row wise one by one.
  • Dynamic location to set cell value.

When will these functionalities be introduced in RPA express ?

@RSingh_EXL_Service2 -
“Iterating Excel sheet to read data row wise one by one” - you can use the Get row action with Row position = next for this in a loop.

"Dynamic location to set cell value"
What do you mean by dynamic - using variables in index?

Get Row(Next) reads next row of excel from current position. As the current position does not change in excel, it will always read same row.

“Dynamic location to set cell value” - yes I mean variables like if I want to set same column values for multiple rows.

Is MS Excel need to execute ? I mean LibreOffice is not support on excel command .

Hi! I need copy all table, some rows and some columns, but I can.
Please tell me how can copy table from sheet 1 and paste on another? Or data paste only by column and rows?


Currently you can copy and paste row by row or column by column

Could you please share a link to get a detailed user guide?

Learn more about the Excel Actions in this section of the RPA Express User Guide

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Thanks a lot @amashentsev