Excel Get Range -> Table -> Set Range changes numeric format to 0.0


I noticed that if I read (get Range) Excel values to a table and then populate it (via set Range) to another Excel, the table changes integer values (0) to numerical (0.0). Is there any way to fix it without reformatting each value?

I think it is the setting of your excel file… try changing the number format inside the excel file

Gregory, we have this issue documented and it is on our list of bugs to be fixed. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do it for one of the next releases.

I have the same issue when I use Get Range from Excel file. My numerical text from Excel is populated to a table incorrectly ( 1–> 1.0). I use text format only. How it can be fixed? Please advise.
RPA Express 2.01

@iostroumova You can use Text actions (Substring on Substring between) or the Number format action to remove additional characters.
Here is a sample script demonstrating how Number format works Excel table variable type casting

Sorry, how to open this example script in my RPA Record?

Copy it to your workplace at C:\Users\user\workfusion-workspace\rpae_project, unzip, and then refresh the Media files panel in the Studio. It will appear in the media files list.

Thank you very much for all your help!
I am really appreciate your support and patience during my progress.

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Hi all, this issue has been fixed - starting from version 2.2., numbers are copied from Excel in the sames format they are in the file, without .0.