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I need to un-merge an EXCEL sheet? after open EXCEL, I tried "enter keystroke - ctrl+A,ctrl+A, then do un-merge.
But I cannot nested two key strokes within open excel.
I did not do it right or Workfusion does not allow enter keystrokes under EXCEL?


Hi @wang_ay
you cannot use keystroke actions within open spreadsheet group:
Some actions cannot be added within Condition under Open Spreadsheet

As all Excel actions are executed in the background, you cannot add the following actions under a Condition or Loop nested in Open Spreadsheet:

  • Application actions
  • Files and Folders actions
  • Mouse actions
  • Web actions
  • Enter Keystrokes action
  • Clipboard action
  • OCR action
  • Custom Action

@wang_ay you need to open the file on the screen to use keystrokes.