Excel Iteration Problem



Goodmorning everyone,

I would like to share a problem I am facing with RPA Express.

My aim is to iterate through the element of a specific column and create a new column which elements will be based upon an easy if-else conditions.

My main problem is to avoid putting the title of the column in the array I am going to create (using Get Column caused me this issue) and to iterate through all the single element of the column in the while loop (an alert appear in the step “Get Cell Value (Cell Below)”).

I was reading all the main threads about this topic (the code is almost based on the examples) but they didn’t help me solve the matter.

Hope someone could help me with this issue and I hope not to have done a major mistake in my code.

Thanks a lot!

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Your actions #2 and #3 seem to be wrong:

  • You set a value to J1 cell (where do you get its value from?)
  • And then you get the value of G1 cell

You can upload your recording zipped folder here and the excel file too. Also please add the exact use case description, so that we can help you more efficiently


First all thanks for your quick reply. I firstly write the process I want to automatize with RPA Express:

  1. Create a new column “Estado de Pagos” in the column J (after the last one of the Excel). With action J1, I created the title of the column.
  2. Read the whole values from the column G and iterate through them.
  3. For each element of the column G check if it is equal or not to “Not Available”. Write a specific string “Tiene Pagos” or “No Tiene Pagos”, according to the result of the condition.

I attach recording zipped folder and Excel.

Files Requested.zip (180.6 KB)

Thank you very much for the help!



You can find a working script below. The main problem was that RPA Recorder currently has issues with reading empty values from Locked cells and cells with styles applied. The clean excel file is in the recording folder.

ChequesControls.zip (39.9 KB)


Thank you very much! Everything works now. Will the problems you wrote be solved in the next releases?


These issues are logged and will be fixed in future releases. Please vote for this topic to help us prioritise.


How to open attached RPAE project in RPA Recorder with all actions, images (if any), variables being used in it, as it is?



please create a separate topic for that.

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