Excel Iteration without action library


Hi all,
Can anybody send me excel iteration example without using action library?i want to iterate following excel and i want to get the stock price from www.nasdaq.com.
Sharad Kumartickers.xlsx (8.6 KB)


@sharad_kumar - why are you creating this new topic - it was already solved in Iterating excel file and getting the stock price value


Hi @azinchuk,
yes but this example with action library…I want to use only keystrokes and launch app command and i want to iterate excel for better understanding of remaining action library i created this topic.


so you need to post your recording here and tell us where you got stuck.

Anyway, without using RPA Express built-in actions (using only keyboard and mouse) it is not a stable and general solution.


Hi @azinchuk,
i did with version 1.1.0 for basic actions and better understanding of Rpa commands i asked anyhow i will post my rec.


you can try to open it in 1.1.7 or re-create it.


Hi @azinchuk,
here is my rec folder and my input file name is tickers.xlsx.
ThanksExcelIteration.zip (505.0 KB)
Sharad Kumar