Excel loop function

Hi Helpies,

I already have a BOT to close tickets with a default resolution code.

BOT picks up tickets from excel file using FOR Each Loop function and closes it.

As per new requirements, another column is added in excel file for the resolution code, instead of using default resolution code, resolution code will be taken from the excel file corresponding to the ticket number in front of it.

I did many efforts to make changes but was unsuccessful

Kindly help me with this.

Kindly refer to the screenshot.


@karan_singh2a you need to copy the data from Excel to a Table variable, and then assign values from columns to string variables.

HI Alesia,

Thanks for the example, let me try this and update you on the outcome.

Thanks once again.

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Hi Alesia,

As advised , i did , but the expected out is not correct , ,may be i am doing something wrong.

Please refer to the attached file for more clarification.Number 1.docx (184.4 KB)

Could you share your recording here to have a look?

Sure , i will share with you tomorrow. leaving for the day…thanks

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Hi Alesia,

Morning , hope you are doing well .

I have made a video of the execution of the BOT with the output and have shared the video in google photos , as i am unable to upload the video here.

You may click on the link below for the video.

Response awaited.

Do let me know if the video is not clear , i will make another video and share again.

Hi Alesia , i have posted the video as requested , do check the video , let me know if the video is not clear , will post a new closup video

Please share the zipped folder with the .rpae file. Thank you.

cbgt ichamp.7z (3.2 KB)

Hi Alesia,

Good Day,

Please find the attached ZIP FIle.

Does this loop in the script work incorrectly?

Yes Mam, it is taking all the values from the excel column.

Though it should take one valuer per one ticket.

It happens because you type the values in For Each loop. You don’t need it.

You need to change the script to read all values in a table (no need to read the 1st column additionally in a list) and then iterate through this table using loop.

I have change the first part of the script to do it and attached here.

cbgt ichamp_updated (2).zip (6.1 KB)

Thanks alot Alesia for the investigation and the changes , let me try the same and will update you on it soon.

God bless you.

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Thanks alot Alesia , it worked really well…

Thanks once again for your never ending support.

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You’re most welcome :slightly_smiling_face: