Excel loops for the Second (third, fourth, ...) time and not overwrite first data

When I loop for the second (third, fourth, …) time, cells on excel overwrite my data, because I set active first cell, second (third, fourth, …) cell i set cell bellow, how to solve this when I loop for the second (third, fourth, …) time do not overwrite my first data just to set my data on the cell below


I have done the sample in this way, but when the bot try for second (third, fourth,…) time to save data, data is overvriten.

The problem is you set activate the Cell ex: “A1” so in the next step the cell below is always the same. Try to use a variable where you save the row to write and increse in every time.

After many tests of the task, I have made the choice in this way without using variables