Excel Manipulation and Reading Issues



Hi Team,

When we are using RPA express for Excel manipulation lots of issues we are facing.

i. GetRow -> next is not reading any thing, giving blank in list variable.
ii. Get Cell Value -> start document and End of columns not working as expected. end document is not consistent.

Lots of problem when trying to read the excel data row by row. No way of manipulating and reading of the data is possible.

If possible try to provide any demo or something for specific reading of data and displaying the array in notepad.




Please provide not-working samples here and attach your excel file. This will help to investigate.


Hi Azinchuk,

I am attaching a demo for the excel with excel sheet attached.

recording-Excel.zip (2.2 KB)

Here what i am trying to achieve is to get a list of all the rows from the excel.

In here on GetRow(Next) , only first rows is selected and on looping again only same row is selected. Required either a way through which we can move or iterate the excel rows.




please see this topic with solution - How to read excel spreadsheet to a List or Table variable