Excel Multiple Sheets kept active after "Switch to sheet"


I noticed that if I use “Switch to sheet” function, it keeps the selected sheet (Sheet2) active with the first sheet (Sheet1). If you don’t pay attention and modify anything on the selected sheet (Sheet2), it makes the same modification on the first page (Sheet1).

Gregory, do you mean that both sheets are active after the recording is finalized?

Yes, both sheets stay active

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll look into it.

Hi @gregory_turuDt,

For the first sheet set active cell. The problem here is Robot is not recognizing index of the first sheet. If we set active cell in first sheet, it will start counting index from that sheet.

Please upload the recording, i will be happy to help.


@gregory_turuDt this issue has been fixed in RPA Express 2.1.0.