Excel objects suddenly not recognized

Seems like something changed overnight. Excel objects on the screen are not recognized e.g. cannot select individual cells on an open Excel spreadsheet. Object inspector just points to entire spreadsheet.

Also object selector naming seems to have changed.

Is this excel or workfusion issue? How to fix this?

Hi @peke_robot

What version of RPA Express and Excel are you using?
Do you what if there were Excel updates after which it happened?

Could you also share a screenshot of how the Inspector recognizes the objects on the sheet?

Thank you.

Looked into ‘add remove programs’ and seems like there was some kind of update to Excel. Let me come back with the screenshots after some further fiddling.

Thank you @peke_robot . With the Excel version, please also send information about your OS.

Resolved by de-installing and re-installing whole office package.

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