Excel process and text operations

Hi, I have a question.

I am recording a process in which the robot has to put an identification, follow a series of steps and then do the same but with another identification.

These IDs I have in an excel as shown here

But at the moment I put it to run the robot writes several identifications to the time.

How can I make it so that I only put one, do the rest of the process and then start again with the next one?

Hi @soporte1a

You need to include all the actions inside the For Each loop and use ‘element’ in the clipboard action.

Right now, it copies the whole variable ‘cedula’, which is a list.

Also, it is better to use Web actions when working with browsers and use XPaths to insert the data and for clicks on the web-page - it is more reliable than image-based clicks and you can replace several actions (click mouse, clipboard, enter keystrokes, enter keystrokes) with just 1 Web element action.

We have an article on working with XPaths in the Knowledge Base with sample scripts that you can download and run.

Thanks, the problem is that at the moment of doing the process of the ‘element’ in the application that I use it does not let me give right click to copy the Xpath.

Yes, if you cannot copy the XPath, then you need to use the clipboard and copy the value of ‘element’ to the clipboard.

Yes, thanks!

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