Excel: Relative cell reference


Hi. Would you kindly advise how I can set relative cell reference in Excel?

Sample case 1
I get column E value and would like to paste only from 5 to end.
How can I filter? I tried ‘5-$end’, however, it copies all values from column E including 1 to 4.

Sample case 2
I would like to set active cell to the next cell in column E. How can I specify the cell position?

For more details, please kindly refer to the attached screenshots. Thank you.Workfusion RPA Express_20170829.docx (181.0 KB)


For your case 2,

You can use Set Active Cell - Column End, with an additional Set Active Cell - Cell Below afterwards, if needed.



regarding case 1 - we do not have a $end constant yet, but you can set a big number there (e.g. 100500).

We will add this improvement to our backlog - thanks for the idea!