Excel to web form with images



Here is my use case. I have an excel file with data which includes images. I want to know how can I saved those data using a web form including photo upload.


Hi, @chamara
Do not quite get your case
Can you, please, add more info with screenshots?

Sensitive data can be blurred out


if you can share your excel file and give more description - that would be great



This is the screenshot of the excel file. Sorry that I had to blur out a lot of content.

We have a backend system where we store these data. You can see the thumbnail column. I want to automate this upload via our backend system with data as well as the thumbnail image.

Hope this is clear now.


In this case you cannot use Excel actions from RPA Recorder - just Mouse or Keyboard actions


Could you please elaborate it more?


Start the recording in RPA Recorder and do the actions in a way that you usually do with this excel. Them stop recording and try to play it.


Thank you so much! Really appreciate your help.