Excel to write back when each row is completed

hi all
I have a list of customers info which i am using rpa to fill up the google form, however i need excel to indicate “success” in column E after each row is complete. how can i write that part?
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Hello @Kinalina!
What do you mean under “indicate success” in column? Do you mean add some status after processing each row?

yes, I wanted to indicate success once that row is completed in google form by RPA.

I can suggest to create a variable with text like “Completed” and then added it to Excel column using “Set Cell Value” action in the end of your loop that processes the list from Excel. If you need to set different values depending on conditions that you need to implement this logic using “If-Else” and then set variable value according to the condition.
Hope this information helps you.

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You can open the spreadsheet again and set column E to success every time a row is parsed successfully in if-else. Or you can make a list variable “successful” and a string variable having default value “success”, at the end of each for loop append the string variable value to the list variable. Outside the loop you can write the “successfull” variable list to column E. Two alternatives!

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