Excel variable types



Hi there,

I’m having problems using excel variable types…

  1. Is it possible to use “number” type variables in the “Get Cell Value” function? I have only been able to use “string” variable types (Workfusion just show me “string” type variables)…

  2. After using the “string” variable types in the “Get Cell Value” function, how can I convert the value into a “number”? I’m using the “string” value in a web page and it comes up as a scientific notation format number!

Thanks in advance


Hi @Jorge_Mendoza,

Currently, you can set use the "“Get Cell Value” action with String variables only.

We are planning to add Type Conversion in next releases. Please vote for this topic to prioritize it.


I’m getting the number (the string) from Excel and trying to key in that number in a web page to get some information I need in the process… What options do I have? Regards.


Hi! I have same problem, I wanna copy table or some columns and rows, but these data determined only as string!!!
Also it would be nice to have: Set table, Set row, Set column!


Hi has the type conversion been incorporated, we have the same scenario where we need to pick numbers from excel and use them in loops, as the value is picked up as strings instead of numbers we are unable to use it in expressions and if loop.


Not yet, but we are planning this feature in a couple of next releases. Meanwhile, you can use Get/Set Clipboard for type conversion.


Can you explain how one would do this type of type conversion?


Copy value to clipboard from your variable

Then copy from clipboard to another variable declared as number

If successful you should have it as number in your variable

That’s it :slight_smile: