Exception Handling Timeout Settings?

I have a script that scrapes quite a bit of web elements from a web page, all of which are nested in individual exception handling actions because the page is dynamic and the web elements don’t always exist. When they are not present, the script takes an amount of time to move on to the next action. This is usually fine but in this case, because of the large amount of web elements that may not be showing with the current input, the script ends up taking a long time to complete.

Is there any way to adjust the time the exception handling takes to wait for an action to fail before moving to the next action?


Follow up: What I’m asking here is can you adjust the time taken to wait for a web element to become available? It seems the default is 5 seconds based on how long it seems it takes the script to fail when attempting to read a web element that does not exist. I have adjusted the Global timeout duration in the preferences but it didn’t seem to affect anything.

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@wwylie it seems like there is a bug with some global timeouts. Could you write to the services desk team so they can provide you with a workaround for your case?

Exception thrown when a blocking operation times out. Blocking operations for which a timeout is specified need a means to indicate that the timeout has occurred.