Exception handling

My Bot is opening an excel file
Where a tickets are stored like this.


My bot will pick up INC X12 from excel and open the ticket in Web Application , assign owner to the ticket and resolve it then it will proceed to second ticket INC X23.

If there is an exception in processing INC X23 , how can my Bot skip the current ticket and move to the other ticket INC X32 in the excel without using exception handling.

As if am using Exception handling like Try to complete and if Exception occured then at the time of exception it will stop the BOT.

I want my BOT to keep running and process all the tickets from the excel file without stopping.

Hi ,

Is there any way we can use Loop function in Workfusion,

I want my BOT to go back to Try to complete stage after completing an Exception Stage so that BOT will still be in running stage in short the BOT will not stop after exception.


Hi @karan_singh2a instead of copying ticket numbers one by one, you can read then in a List variable using Get column action, and them iterate through them using For Each Loop. Use Exception Handling (try catch) inside For Each loop, so the loop will not start if an exception occurs.

Hi Alesia,

Thank you for your guidance, let me try this today and will update you on this.


shall i leave the If an exception has occurred part empty in the above steps shared by you

This is how I am using now as advised by you,

If you don’t need the bot to perform any actions in case of an exception, you cam leave it empty.

Hi Alesia,

Hope you are doing good.

The resolution that you have shared above - does that mean the Loop will only start if an exception will occur.

I want the Loop to only start once an exception occurs.

This is my BOT

I have left the exception part empty so that in case if there is any exception the BOT will go back to Step no 1 and start the process again.

the BOT is going back but its is not picking any other ticket it is picking empty space.

dont know whee i am wrong.

The bot will not go to the 1st step on case of exception. It will go to step 5 - the first step in the loop.

Check what values you have in list “tickets”. If the bot picks up empty space, then you must have empty values in the list.

Ok Ok , since there is no Input at or after step 5 that is why BOT is taking Empty value , is it…

As I understand, it takes the values at step 2 from the Excel file, and then iterates through them. Check what values are saved in"tickets" in the execution log.

Thanks alot for taking out time to work on my issue

Below is the screenshot of the excel file from where i am taking data.

the data is already there in the excel but still it is taking empty data from the excel,.

I would definitely give you a treat or some reward for helping me…

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Perhaps, there are NULL values in your excel file. You need to check the execution log to see if there empty values saved there.


Upon checking the log file there is empty value against newticket

There are no empty values in the “tickets”, so the bot should repeat the loop 4 times, and then go on to other actions in the script.
If there are empty values in some other variables, maybe, you missed the actions in the script that need to populate these variables, or you need to add default values to these variables in the recorder variables panel.

Hi, im using the same concept to input numbers on a web page in order to download forms, the exception handling does not work when it cant find any form for that specific form, instead of it just moving on to the next number the page just closes.


What is it supposed to do in case it doesn’t find the form?
On the screenshot above, it looks like the block “If an exception occurred” is empty so the bot does nothing.