Execute bot from another pc

Hello, I have installed workfusion Rpa Express in a virtual machine and i have used it to develop the bots through remote desktop. Is there any way to have the control tower in a desktop pc and execute the bots outside the virtual machine without the neccesity to access to the virtual machine?
I want users that are going to execute the bots to not have access to the virtual machine.


Hi Emilio,

The users can develop the bots on their local computers and then publish and execute the bots on the Control Tower deployed on the virtual machine, and the bots will run on the virtual machine. They don’t need access to the virtual machine itself - they will only access the server Control Tower that is opened in the browser window from the tray menu.

Will this setup work for you?

Thanks for your reply,that´s the setup i´m looking for! i´ll try that solution

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Sorry, i didnt understand this part : “they will only access the server Control Tower that is opened in the browser window from the tray menu.”

-The bots will be developed and executed on the virtual machine.
-Users wont have access to the virtual machine, they need to run bots from their pcs.

How do users get access to the control tomer or run the bots in the virtual machine without get into the virtual machine? They have to install workfusion on their machines and point the control tower to the one in the virtual machine or how do i do this?

thanks for the answer, regards!


Yes, the users need to install the “Workstation” component on their machines and connect to the Control Tower installed on the virtual machine using the IP address or DNS (see details in the video), so their workstations will be connected to the central remote server.


Users will have access to the Control Tower without the need to access the machine itself. They will be able to run bots from their computers.

Thank you so much!

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Hello again! I assume that this installation in include in the rpa express.
Is this distributed setup supported in the free license? or it becomes obsolet after the 30 days trial?


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No, it is not included in the free version. You can use it in the trial period for 30 days, or if you purchase the Pro subscription.

In the free version and after 30 day trial, you can only use Server+Workstation setup type, when users develop and run bots on their local PCs and don’t have access to the central server. In this case, there also will be 1 concurrent bot per pc, not several.

OK, so if i want that the users to execute the robots from theirs pc´s in the virtual machine without accesing through remote desktop ,i have to purchase the license, because it is not included in the free version,is this correct?
In that case, what´s is the cost of this license? is it per year,month?
I´m interested on it because i need this distributed installation
Thanks for the answer!

Yes, in this case you’ll need to purchase the license.

The subscription is annual. You can contact our sales team at rpapro@workfusion.com - they’ll advise you about all details and the final cost depending on your requirements.