Execution Error : Incorrect element index '6' for 1-based RList of 5 element(s)

I am trying to learn RPA Express and by doing so follow the tutorial on Excel which grabs exchange rates from xe.currency web site and populates an Excel spreadsheet. Copy the script exactly and likewise the spreadsheet but keep getting the above error.
Could anyone explain what the error code means and how I can correct the script.

Hi @david_masters,

The error means that you have 5 elements in the list, but the bot tried to process the 6th element because of the filter in the For each action.

In older versions you could set the end element of the filter bigger than the number of elements in the list (table). It is not allowed anymore.

Now, if you don’t know the exact number of elements, you can use wildcard (*) , it means “till the last one”.

See more details here: https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Loops#Loops-ForEach

We’ll update the tutorial.

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Thanks ashapinka for both the alacrity and clarity of response.

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