Execution error while using Firefox Portable in Open Website command


While attempting to access a website using WEB-> Open website command . The application is poping this error (screeshot attached) . I am usin RPAExpress 1.1.4 Beta.

I could able to manually access Amazon.com in the same browser. While attempting through the open website library command I face this issue, have anyone faced this issue, help to resolution will be great.



apparently, you haven’t attached any screenshot


The screenshot is attached now!!!
Kindly assist


Have you updated this browser? For correct work, it should not be updated.


No, the browser is not updated explicitly. The browser is installed along with the WF installation package.


Can you try to use the Internet Explorer browser and tell us results?

And maybe also Chromium Portable


Please make sure that your FF Portable has this version (46.0.1) :


The application works with Internet explorer, the issue is with Firefox

The Firefox version is Product version: 46.0.1 or File version:

I reinstalled the Work fusion software, now there is a different error for the same attempt with Firefox. Screenshot attached.


As you can see from the error text, the website did not finish loading. You need to increase the website load timeout in this action or globally in preferences.