Execution fails in Control Tower: file path is incorrect

After successfully executing my process in WF Studio, I copied the code in Control Tower, but the execution fails because the file path is incorrect.
In WF studio, the csv file is in the Project >> input> input.csv

 <var-def name="translateList">
    		 <file action="read" path="..//input//Input.csv"> 

In control tower inside Data Store I have imported the file correctly, but when I run it gives me the following error

Step name 'Translate_using_REST_API_practis_1 ’ has failed. Reason: 'Error reading the file: C:/RPAExpress/Workfusion/tomcat/webapps/workfusion//…/crowdcontoldata/webharvest/…//input//Input.csv

How should I put the path?

Hi @pilar_adamez, a relative path to folder will not work in Control Tower. Try changing it to the absolute path.