Experts please help Fetch questions from SAP

Experts,I want to compare the number from SAP to the excel basic table

The red box circled position is the number I want to take
Compare the “物料” column in SAP with the material in the base table. If SAP exists, select the SAP row

@xuzfAQbeOcamOx with which step in this process do you have issues?

Step1: run the sap t-code and open the purchase order, then we can find the Item list as pictures;
Step 2:open excel and base the material column make a loop:
1. get material number from excel cells,
2. how to location the SAP item row wich material number value equal to excel cell’s material number?

You can use image-based clicks (or object-recording) to open SAP and run the code, then

  • use Wait for image action to wait for the column name to appear
  • save the item list to a variable using OCR.
  • as you will need to check each item separately, you will need to Split string and separate the items with the new line character and save them to a list variable
  • use If-else condition to check the items in the list variable with the number in Excel and perform the further actions you need

Hope this helps!