Export actions to another project

Dear all,

Is there anyway to export “Actions” from a project to another project?
I have built a process and I would like to use this process in another task :wink:

Copy/paste seem not to be allowed between projects.


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Hi @loger there is currently no feature to use groups of actions from one recording in another one. You can vote for it in this topic

Now, you can use this workaround for it https://kb.workfusion.com/x/OREtB
Note that the variables are not copied, so you will need to create them.


Hi Ashapkina.

Thanks a lot for your quick reply, I’m sure it will help :wink:

Also, I would like to use Control Tower but I’ve lost my credentials (user name and passw). Is there any way to retrieve them?



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You can reset the credentials as described in this guide https://kb.workfusion.com/x/caQfAw

Thanks a lot!