Export as bot not working


When I click on Export to bot for the current recording. Nothing happens. Same is the case for publish to control tower.
It doesn’t even throw any error.
I also have the bot manager and other services running, if that matters.
Can anyone suggest what am I missing.?



I had a similar problem. Did you try to add the file extension .rpae when you created a new recording to the tile of that recording ?

Once you create a new recording, the tile of the recording is fully marked, if you just give it a title, the extension is going lost. “recording” instead of “recording.rpae”

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Thanks for your reply. My extension was just fine.
However, exporting to bot is not much useful I suppose as there is no way I can import it to different machine.
My primary use case was to find out if it is possible to export my recording and give it to someone else on a different machine who can built on top of it.
The only way I was able to do was to share the complete files from the source folder.
Let me know if there is any other way of doing it.



Hi, @Birju_Shah
"Export to bot" is part of different functional, that is not available now.