Export my recording project



How to get my recording project to work on other machine. My other laptop died where i had my RPA Express and now i would like to continue my work, but i dont know how i get my project work with my new machine, i saved the workspace and tried to change workspace on my new machine but it wont show my recording on the RPA recorder workspace. Can someone help me?


Hi, @jaana_m
Create new Workspace, then simply copy all folders from rpae_project
to C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\workfusion-workspace\rpae_project

Click refresh in recorder
(Right click on rpae_project folder -> Refresh)

And thats it


It doesn’t work :frowning: It shows media folder empty.
If i have workspace, how to create new? just by new project? and then select new folder to the workspace? (not using default location)


@jaana_m - you can just drag and drop folders to/from your Media Files panel (also copy & paste is supported).


Not working :confused: It wont show my recorder file correctly.


@jaana_m - your recording file should have the .rpae extension.