Express 1.1.8 also freezes

1.1.8 does not seem to contain the solution either.

It sounds great that you are continuing the investigation. I really don’t think that the task my robot is handling is rocket science, so I think you must expect more users to run into these problems, as their robots gets more advanced / more demanding (and closer to the finish line!). The problem is also, that it takes a lot of development time / work hours, before you will meet these problems.

I don’t think that a multi-bot configuration should be nessasary for my needs for now. My proces is made of a few loops - and is making the first 10 loops perfectly fine, but is then getting clogged up and stalls. The drains just seems to need a little cleaning during the run to prevent this… :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep. I face the same problem. My problem is even more worse that even after restarts it hangs soon. Is Bot manager holding things in memory of previous runs etc?

Lets give 1.1.9 a try :slight_smile:

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There are some performance improvements in 1.1.9, mainly for Loops and Text actions.
But we are still continuing to work on improving memory usage to solve or at least minimize the issue described above. Hopefully, we will be able able to implement it in the next release.

@Jens_Jespersen5 @JThangaswamy @joreian @jdoering @gerhardus_meyer

Hi all, please check out RPA Express 1.2.0, it contains performance improvements for large recordings with loops.
It would be great if you could five us your feedback and let us know if it improved your scripts execution, so we know what to further focus on.

Thanks a lot!

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will test and let you know

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I ran a test with an input file with 2000 records using Version 1.2.0 RPA Recorder so I could watch it. It made it to 890 this time after 5 hours of processing. However, it died with the following error: “Caused by: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space” - See attached for details. The computer still had 40 GB of disk and log files appear to be ok… Thoughts? I will rerun today and verify results. (687.2 KB)

2018-RPA-DumpOutput.txt (4.5 KB)

tomcat folder (8.0 MB)

On the 2nd run… I watched as it gets the error that Eclipse is out of memory. Java Heap space error. The Eclipse ReadMe says to increase memory? Is this the MaxMetaspaceSize setting? or the Xmx setting in recorder.ini?

@jdoering I created a ticket for the support team, they’ll investigate.
MaxMetaspaceSize setting will not help in this case.
Try increasing the xmx settings in recorder.ini. Please let us know if it helps.

@Jens_Jespersen5 @jdoering @joreian @JThangaswamy @gerhardus_meyer @athos.whittington

We have added data caching to the recorder that will make execution in loops faster. The version with this fix will be release at the beginning of September.

If you want to use it now, you can add data caching manually:

  • close WorkFusion Studio
  • open C:\RPAExpress\Studio\configuration\config.ini file
  • add recorder.player.use.cache=true and save the file
  • reopen WorkFusion Studio

Let us know if it helps the execution

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The new release 2.1.0 contains performance improvements for action in loops.
Let us know whether this helps solve this issue.